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low energy electric underfloor heating from Norway - now available here in the UK

We've been heating Scandinavian homes for nearly 30 years.

Now available here in the UK.

Unique low-energy, low-voltage, self-regulating underfloor heating 

 Self-regulating 'intelligent' element  uses minimum energy to produce maximum heat

 Energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional systems

 NO maintenance or servicing costs

 Made of recycled material - Completely recyclable

 The ONLY heating system so durable it can be nailed through without affecting performance

 The ONLY heating system so safe it can be used directly beneath carpet

 Only 1mm thick -  Can be used anywhere, in walls, ceilings or even outdoors

 Suitable for a single room or a whole building

Suitable for new build or retro-fit to existing rooms

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Welcome to the future of heating.

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We know that imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but one annoying result of our system's success is that fake & counterfeit systems are starting to appear for sale via various internet sources. (Primarily Chinese in origin.)

These products are even being sold with our branding & logos and  using photos and information from our websites & brochures.

Obviously we are not happy about this from a commercial viewpoint, but the chief worry is that the these counterfeit systems are untested, unregulated and will be dangerous and unsafe.

A counterfeited version could either run too hot, too cold, not run at all, or even catch fire.

If you find any examples of sites offering these goods please report them to us here.